Photography by Nikole Lim

I believe the quote by James Baldwin in his essay, The Artist’s Struggle for Integrity sums up what I try to achieve through my writing:  “I tell you my pain so that I may relieve you of yours”.

Previously, my work was mostly written through the lens of others. I began writing more and more authentically from my own experiences this past year. I hope that you, my readers, can hear and appreciate the sharing of my voice through writing.

My writing is influenced by my love for the dance of words on paper in the form of poetry; the narrative that immigrants like my grandparents added to this country; the paradoxical and mystical nature of Christian faith that too often has been pushed aside in the name of conquest; and the beautiful, pain-filled moments of everyday life.

Your voice is the most powerful possession you can own. And, only you can use it.

My hope is that my work would inspire you towards a deeper place of connectedness and wholeness within yourself, and the world around you.


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