Open letter to President-elect Trump

Dear President-elect Donald Trump,

I am writing to you to express my warmest welcome as Commander-in-Chief of our country.

While I fully detest and oppose your tactics used throughout your campaign that have incited violence, bigotry and hate of the worst kind, I must thank you. Thank you, really? You might ask, why? Let me tell you:  you being elected has been a reality check, an awakening of sorts, a timely reality check I needed.

We live in a society dominated and controlled by white and male supremacy, of which xenophobia, Islamophobia and homophobia all stem from. I, being a white straight woman, can go on most days without thinking so much as twice of this reality.  This isn’t to say I haven’t been involved or dedicated my time to the fight against these injustices, but I just really had no reason to confront them day in and day out.

Since your election I have been hit smack in the face with a blinding reality, reminding me that my safety, my self-worth, and rights can easily be denied, mocked or taken away.  I finally feel a sliver of the fear my friends, former colleagues, and neighbors who are people of color, immigrants, LGBTQIA+ and Muslim, have been facing all along.

But you know what? This could just be what saves White america from itself.

Now, that you are president we will look back on the days of having a highly-qualified diplomatic, thoughtful and inclusive leader in sweet reminiscence. Thank you for ensuring that President Obama will be the most revered, beloved president of our generation.

Now, that you are president our youth will learn just how important they are and how much we adults need their voices. They will be our reminders of hope, that better days are yet to come.

Now that you are president we won’t be able to forget the past–that our nation was built by slaves, grown by immigrants and fed by women. All who fought back, so it could be run by a Black president, created by Tawainese, French, Latin American immigrant inventors,  and shaken up by a group of women riveters who still cry out today “we can do it!”.

We (White people) need our black and brown, our asian and native, refugee and undocumented neighbors as never before. And, you know what? They need us too…we just haven’t been showing up for them in the ways that we need to. Well, now is the time for that to end.

So, in some strange way, I am thankful for you, Donald, because this nation, and most certainly YOU, are due for a huge reality check.

Now,  President-elect, the choice is right in your face:  side with white, male supremacy OR side with the historically disenfranchised, the oppressed counterparts in our nation.

The choice is yours.

Sincerely your annoyingly loud and proud feminist constituent,

Sarah M. Northrup


I have talked to some friends who face much, much greater threats and daily risks for just being who they are than me, and now that fear and anxiety is only heightened.

To my dear friends, family, former colleagues, and past students whom are undocumented, living in the shadows or DACA recipients; those whom just recently were able to get married in all 50 states and celebrate the unity of marriage with whomever they love; those whom have been harassed, interrogated for “driving while black” or face the threat of police brutality on a daily basis; those whom are the subjects of contempt, bigotry and hatred for the hijab they wear or the way they choose to practice their faith:   You matter. You are loved. You are not alone.

I promise to be the best ally I can be. To stand with you and for you. To listen to you, to learn from you and to follow your lead.   I will make mistakes, and have shortcomings, but I promise to fight by your side.

This is my promise.

“If there is no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to one another”~Mother Teresa

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